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Faux Pas

Live Session + Interview
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Faux Pas are a band that have been steadily growing a reputation for their live shows over the last couple of years. They have a real electric energy when on stage together and Ru sings with an intense mix of rage and vulnerability. They are a must see live band.

So when they released their latest single with Leeds label Come Play With Me it was a great opportunity for us to catch up with them.

They joined Show Stream TV to tell us about the single 'That's My Ego' before playing a live version of the song for us at Aatma, one of Manchester's finest DIY venues.

In the Interview the band, Ru (Vox, Guitar) Lewis (Lead Guitar) and Joey (Drums) tell us about the experience of recording the single and being in teh studio with Mickey Dale (Producer and Embrace member) and their release plans for the single and upcoming tour.

Faux Pas are out on tour in October 2019 supporting Hull's Life. We highly recommend you go watch this band on this tour as they are two of the finest live bands in the north right now.